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We are offering 100% free selected Web Applications and softwares for our clients. 

Here is the list of our free applications you can have in your organization:

1) Ticket System: This App can help your users and employees submit requests and tickets to specific department such as IT department 

2) Compliment system: This system has a great feature for an organization to keep track of compliments that each employee receives from their colleagues. This system is a form to compliment an employee, It has the report and the chart of employees who received compliments

3) Project Management/ Activity: This system will keep track of all existing projects, tasks and requests and group them with the status. You will have the project management panel consists of Forms, Grids and Charts

How's that possible? We'll Create a new database or use your existing database and connect it to any of above web applications . 

You can click on Request Demo below and ask for any of above free apps. We also provide other web applications base on what you need with a small fee

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