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The smartest way to manage your data

Do You want to have fully featured, fast and easy web applications in your company for 40 times cheaper than other brands? Do you want to save money to have your company's brand application or software? Do you want to avoid thousands of dollars bills for some small changes? Request a free evaluation with the CEO of  'KCM Data Technology'.
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CEO's Story

I remember when I was 14 years old my family opened a small business and they ended up paying 35k for a program that did not work well. That day, I noticed that I can be helpful for my parents, and I chose my own way to open a software company business. I studied so hard and learned how to build applications. I have developed their system and saved thousands of dollars for my parents. I felt how it can be hard to stand and survive when you have a start-up or old non-functional systems. I am here to help you to design, implement, develop and  deploy your system the way it suits your needs.

Our Vision

We want to be available for all groups of people and all kinds of companies. We will develop your system the way it follows your business needs . We make everything hassle free. We will serve you and stand beside you even after we developed your new system. You never be alone. Your concern is our concern.


We can use different kinds of database servers such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.We can design your database, or use your existing database.

Who are we

How it works

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The competitor to be feared is one
who never bothers about you at all,
but goes on making his own business
better all the time.
Henry Ford


We are proud that we deliver your custom system application in 1-6 weeks after evaluation.

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How it works
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"The smartest product
in the market"

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Request demo

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Tel: +1 (650)-746-4104

San Jose, California, 95112

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